I’m Taehoon, I’m an AI engineer.

I started working on deep learning in 2015 when TensorFlow came out.

I was alone in Korea, didn’t have much resources, so I implemented code and open sourced the implementations for 20 research papers by myself.

This led me to becoming the #1 followed GitHub profile in Korea, and getting offers from all the top AI companies.

I was at OpenAI from 2018 ~ 2020 when it was just 50 people, worked on scaling GPT-2 to GPT-3.

I then solo founded a V Tuber app, bootstrapped it for 3 years, acquired by the fastest growing gaming company in Korea.

I spent the past year training image diffusion models and now working on something new.

2023 - 2024: Head of AI at SHIFT UP

AI Compiler Study

2021 - 2022: Founded and sold Symbiote AI, where I created an avatar social network utilizing cutting-edge AI and AR technologies.

2020: Read, wrote, and played poker a lot. Met someone I'd call my lifelong mentor, who helped me shake off that robot vibe, for real 🤖

2018 - 2019: Joined **OpenAI** to build an initial version of ChatGPT. Researched generalization of reinforcement learning in a simulation environment, developed MPI communication pipeline between nodes to train a large-scale language model, and developed blocksparse.

2016 - 2018: Built an AI for CookieRun at Devsisters. Implemented 20 AI research papers from big companies like OpenAI and received offers from OpenAI, Google Brain, DeepMind, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.

2015: Graduated in Computer Science from UNIST